How To Book Luxury Transport Services in Los Angeles

LA is home to some of South California’s most prominent tourist spots, including Hollywood and Disneyland. With all of its hustle and bustle, Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the world. This makes reserving a ride more convenient than driving your own vehicle around town. In addition, a big number of tourists come daily at LAX airport and require transportation services to travel throughout Los Angeles.

This high demand for transport services in Los Angeles has spawned a significant number of transport service providers. Ascend in Motion stands apart among these businesses with 25 years of experience in providing luxury transport services.

Ascend in Motion offers luxury transport services in Los Angeles. The business provides services for:-

  • LAX airport pickup & drop offs
  • Transport services from one point to another in and around Los Angeles.
  • Hourly-based transport services

What Makes Transport Services Offered By Ascend in Motion Luxurious?

Luxury has a different definition for every individual. When it comes to transportation services, most people think of luxury as high-end vehicles, hygienic and clean interiors, trained and well-dressed drivers, on-time service, etc. Ascend in Motion’s transportation services meet all standards for a luxurious ride. It offers:

  • Diverse fleet options including a wide range of luxury vehicles
  • Reliable and convenient rides suited for corporate professionals and families.
  • Easy ride booking process. You can book your ride online or even over a phone call.
  • Member account option helps in a smooth and luxurious experience.
  • Professional drivers ensure a smooth ride for passengers.
  • Strict cleanliness & sanitation policies keep the vehicles fresh.
  • Ascend In Motion services include 24/7 flight monitoring for timely airport transfers.

Luxury Fleet Options At Ascend In Motion

A luxurious ride is all about riding in style and comfort. Ascend in Motion, which provides transportation services in Los Angeles, makes this possible by having a large fleet of high-end vehicles.

The fleet includes:

  • Mercedes Benz E – Business MVP
  • Mercedes Benz S560 – First Class
  • BMW 330i – Economy+
  • Escalade – Business SUV/MVP
  • Toyota Sienna – Economy+ MVP
  • Tesla
  • GMC Denali

How to Book A Luxury Ride in LA?

Ease of booking is another aspect that defines luxury. Ascend in Motion offers multiple simple ways to book a ride in LA.

  1. Contact dispatch center at (888) 240 – 5438 or via email at during normal business hours to book a ride
  2. Book your ride online at
Author: ASCAdmin