Pickup Instructions

Ascend in Motion offers reliable transportation with Meet & Greet and Meet & Greet Special Care options. Our professional drivers excel in smooth airport, hotel, and residence pickups, providing a seamless experience. We tailor services to fit your unique needs, guided by clear Pickup Instructions for passengers. These instructions ensure you know exactly where and how our drivers will meet you, maintaining punctuality and efficiency at various pickup locations. Trust us for an on-time, hassle-free journey, with guidance at every step to ensure you connect with your driver effortlessly.


Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

For the quickest exit from LAX, please follow these steps: After landing, watch for a text from your driver with pickup instructions. Promptly reply once you’ve collected your luggage, allowing your driver to time their departure from the LAX Waiting Lot and meet you on time at the designated pillar. This coordination is key to a smooth and swift pickup.:

  1. Our drivers monitor your flight and will be waiting in the LAX waiting lot.
  2. Look for a text from your driver with specific pickup instructions tailored to your terminal.
  3. Reply to the driver’s text once you’re ready to leave, signaling your readiness.
  4. Exit the terminal and locate the designated white pillars for your terminal. For reference, the range of pillars for each terminal is as follows:
    • Terminal 1: Proceed to pillar 1F.
    • Terminal 2: Proceed to pillar 2N.
    • Terminal 3: Proceed to pillar 3E.
    • Terminal 4: Proceed to pillar 4C.
    • Terminal 5: Proceed to pillar 5E.
    • Terminal 6: Proceed to pillar 6E.
    • Terminal 7: Proceed to pillar 7J.
    • Terminal B (International): Proceed to pillar B10.

Your driver will meet you at the designated pillar for an efficient pickup.

John Wayne Airport – SNA

Burbank Airport – BUR

Ontario Airport – ONT

Long Beach Airport – LGB

Meet & Greet

Our Meet & Greet service places drivers at the first exit point of your terminal, right after baggage claim. They will hold a sign with your name, making identification effortless.


For all hotel pick-ups, your driver will be waiting for you at the main exit of the hotel, typically near the valet area, 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time.

All other pickup

For all other pick-ups, including residential or non-hotel locations, your driver will be positioned at the curb-side of the specific pick-up address you provided. This means that they will be waiting for you right outside the designated location, ready to assist you with your transportation needs. By being conveniently located at the curb-side, our drivers aim to ensure a seamless and efficient pick-up experience.

Complimentary waiting times

Experience the exceptional pickup services of Ascend in Motion with our impeccable pickup services. Our dedicated drivers provide complimentary waiting times, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey. Here are the waiting periods for different pick-up categories for your convenience:

International flights:

Enjoy a standard 60-minute waiting time upon arrival. If you respond to our driver within the first 30 minutes after landing, we extend the waiting time to a generous 90 minutes.

Domestic flights:

Take advantage of a comfortable 30-minute waiting period, allowing you to collect your belongings and proceed at your own pace.

Hotels and Non-Airport Pickups:

We provide a convenient 15-minute waiting time for your driver to greet you and assist with your transportation needs. Experience the convenience and reliability of Ascend in Motion as our drivers cater to your transportation needs with utmost professionalism. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the exceptional service that awaits you.