Terms & Conditions

Ascend in Motion prioritizes the Safety of our passengers, employees, and fleets. By booking with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


To make a reservation, you must provide a credit card, which we will verify and charge for the quoted price at the time of booking.
We accept all major credit cards.
Within 24 hours of job completion, you will receive a digital invoice itemizing any additional charges such as “Additional Wait Time,” “After hours,” “Overtime,” “Gratuity,” “Fuel Surcharge,” and “Customer No Show.”

Reservations & Cancellations

To reserve, click here to visit our pick up reservation page, or call 1-213-679-7900.
After receiving your request, we’ll email a written confirmation, subject to availability. Reservations require written confirmation from Ascend in Motion. Only our office staff can make and confirm reservations. Reserve at least 24 hours ahead for preferred pick-up. Last-minute reservations depend on vehicle availability. Reservations within 12 hours of pick-up are non-refundable. Review your confirmation carefully. If any errors, contact us immediately. Our drivers follow the confirmation letter for pick-up details.

Hourly Reservation

Transfers: To cancel your pick up reservation, please submit a written cancellation request through the provided email during the reservation process. Make sure to cancel at least 12 hours before the scheduled pick-up time. Reservations on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays require a 24-hour notice, while all major holidays necessitate a 72-hour notice.

Overtime: Please ask your driver if it’s possible to go over the reserved time. Approval of the overtime is not guaranteed, it depends on vehicle availability. A 15-minute grace period is allowed following the reserved time. Hourly charges, including all applicable fees and a 25% surcharge will apply on the overtime hourly rate.

Other Charges:

Other charges will apply for damaged vehicle such as: broken glassware, electronic equipment, carpets, lights, seats, etc. There will be nonnegotiable charge of $500 for vomiting inside the vehicle

Personal Belongings: We are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, damaged, or left in our vehicles. You expressly waive all notice from Private Limousine Service regarding any lost, stolen, damaged or belongings left in our vehicles, or the disposal of same. Please check for your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to our vehicle, caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A damage fee of $250.00 will be charged if the client or any member of their party causes any damage to the vehicle, interior, or exterior, electronic equipment, etc. In addition to the $250.00 damage fee, the client will be charged the actual cost of repair or replacement of any damaged parts and materials and will be responsible for vehicles down time at the rate of $250 per day during the repair. The repair or replacement of any damaged items shall be at the sole discretion of Ascend in Motion.

Drug Use Prohibited:

We strictly enforce a no-drug policy during the use of our transportation services. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of transportation and a charge for the full quoted price, along with any other applicable fees. Passengers are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior, including refraining from excessive drinking, treating the chauffeur with respect, using polite language, and avoiding any unacceptable conduct. Failure to comply may lead to termination of transportation at the discretion of Ascend in Motion or the driver. In addition, any damages to Ascend in Motion’s property or harm to its employees’ well-being will be taken seriously, and enforcement actions may include applicable attorney fees and court expenses.

No Liability:

We do not assume liability for circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, road conditions, or breakdowns. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service to any individual. Ascend in Motion has the sole discretion to modify, add, or remove any part of this Agreement without prior notice. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective upon posting.

If you have questions that our “Terms & Conditions” above did not address, please visit our contact us form. Submit your inquiries and get clarification on any outstanding matters.