LAX Airport Transfer to The Garland Hotel

The Garland Hotel to LAX $85

LAX to Garland Hotel: Your Gateway to LA’s Finest with Ascend in Motion

Welcome to your LA adventure, where the journey from LAX to Garland Hotel sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. Ascend in Motion is here to elevate your travel from ordinary to extraordinary. As you step into our Hybrid Toyota Sienna, you’re not just moving from the airport to The Garland; you’re embarking on a journey of comfort and style. For just $97 one-way, we offer more than a transfer – we provide a gateway to the heart of North Hollywood. The Garland Hotel, known for its unique blend of cozy charm and modern luxury, is your perfect starting point for exploring the city.

Discover Los Angeles with Ascend in Motion

Your adventure doesn’t end at The Garland’s doorstep. With us, every corner of Los Angeles is within your reach. Let’s start with the happiest place on earth – Disneyland! Allow us to navigate through LA’s streets while you focus on the fun ahead. Our spacious Sienna comfortably accommodates six guests along with their enchanting souvenirs, all for $99 one-way.

Next, how about capturing the essence of California at the Santa Monica Pier? Breathe in the ocean air and watch the Ferris wheel light up the evening sky. We ensure a smooth round trip for $170, leaving you more to spend on those special pier moments.

And for those who love the city’s vibrant heart, downtown LA awaits. From the iconic Hollywood Boulevard to the towering structures downtown, we’re your reliable companion. Relax in the comfort of our Sienna, a tranquil haven amidst the city buzz. Book your reservation with Ascend in Motion today.

Seamless Connections: Round-Trip Luxury LAX to Garland Hotel

Why not indulge in a round-trip experience? Travel from LAX to The Garland and back from the Garland to LAX with us for just $182. Ascend in Motion ensures that your journey is as memorable as your destination, offering luxury every step of the way.

Transform your LA trip with Ascend in Motion, starting from just $97. Book your ride, and embrace an LA adventure filled with ease and elegance, one journey at a time.

Ascend in Style

For an added touch of luxury, consider our sleek Mercedes Sprinter van. Ideal for larger groups or those seeking an upscale travel experience. It promises to add an extra layer of sophistication to your journey.

The Garland Hotel awaits, your LA story beckons, and Ascend in Motion is ready to guide you. Book you LAX to Garland Hotel today and immerse yourself in the diverse tapestry of Los Angeles, crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

People also ask:

LAX to Garland FAQs

Does The Garland hotel have airport shuttle?

While The Garland Hotel does not provide its own airport shuttle service, Ascend in Motion is available as a premium alternative for transportation to and from LAX to The Garland Hotel. This service epitomizes comfort, safety, reliability, and affordability. For a fee of $97, Ascend in Motion provides luxury travel. Experience their plush Hybrid Toyota Sienna. It accommodates six passengers and six luggage pieces. Enjoy a seamless, comfortable journey from LAX to Garland Hotel. Guests can easily book this outstanding service through the hotel’s concierge at The Store, making Ascend in Motion an ideal and logical choice for your travel needs.

How to get from LAX airport to Garland hotel?

From LAX to The Garland Hotel, the most comfortable and convenient option is Ascend in Motion. Our service offers a plush Hybrid Toyota Sienna, ensuring a smooth and luxurious ride directly to the hotel. This personalized approach to ground transportation enhances your experience from the moment you land at LAX.

How far is the Garland hotel from LAX

The Garland Hotel is approximately 24 miles from LAX. There are three main routes you can take:

  1. Via S La Brea Ave: This is the shortest and often the fastest route, especially during the peak traffic hours, taking about 40 – 1 hr 10 minutes. 17.4 miles.
  2. Via I-405 N, US-101 S: This route might take a bit longer, around 45 – 1 hour 15 minutes.
  3. Via I-105 E, US-110 N, US-101 N: Combining three highways offers a scenic drive through different parts of LA, with an average travel time of 45 – 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on traffic, However, this becomes the fastest route with a fast-track subscription. Ascend in Motion utilizes Fast-Track at no additional cost to our clients, ensuring the quickest journey possible.

The Garland Hotel Special Rates FAQs

How much does it cost to go from The Garland to Disneyland?

Traveling from The Garland to Disneyland with Ascend in Motion costs $99. For an additional $50, you can upgrade to a luxury black SUV, enhancing your comfort and style on the way to the Magic Kingdom.

How much does it cost to go from The Garland to Santa Monica?

How much does it cost to go from The Garland to Port of LA or Port of Long Beach?

LAX Shuttle FAQs

How to get from airport to hotel in Los Angeles?

For travel from any airport in Los Angeles to your hotel, Ascend in Motion provides an excellent ground transportation choice. Our service caters to various needs, offering a seamless transfer to your destination with the comfort and privacy of a personal vehicle.

What does airport shuttle mean in booking?

An airport shuttle typically refers to a shared transportation service. It operates between the airport and your accommodation. Ascend in Motion redefines this service. We provide exclusive, private transportation. Enjoy a personalized, comfortable shuttle experience from the airport.

Are there shuttles from LAX to Universal Studios?

Yes, there are shuttle services available from LAX to Universal Studios. For a premium experience, Ascend in Motion offers direct, private transportation to Universal Studios, providing a stress-free and comfortable journey to one of LA’s premier attractions.

Does LAX have hotel shuttles?

While LAX itself doesn’t offer hotel shuttles, nearby hotels provide these services. For a more exclusive and tailored experience, consider Ascend in Motion. We offer private transportation to LA hotels. Enjoy high comfort and convenience from the airport to your hotel.

Disclaimer: “The Garland®” is a trademark of Rio Vista Development Company, used here for location reference only.

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