Disneyland California

LAX to Disneyland California: $101

Planning a magical trip to Disneyland California or traveling from LAX to Anaheim? Ascend in Motion is your gateway to an unforgettable journey. Our superior Disneyland California Airport Transfer service from LAX provides distinct advantages over other options like Uber, Airport Shuttle, or Disneyland Shuttle, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure.

Introducing Ascend in Motion Airport Transfer

At Ascend in Motion, we take pride in delivering a seamless and stress-free transportation experience. When comparing Ascend in Motion’s LAX to Disneyland California or LAX to Anaheim service to the standard “Shuttle from LAX to Disneyland,” the advantages are crystal clear. Ascend in Motion offers a personalized and comfortable experience tailored to your needs, with options ranging from family-friendly minivans to luxurious black SUVs and group-friendly minibuses. Unlike a typical shuttle, our services provide a higher level of comfort, ensuring you travel in style and privacy. Whether you’re with family, friends, or a group, Ascend in Motion elevates your journey with the utmost convenience and comfort, making your trip to Disneyland California truly magical from the moment you arrive at LAX. Here are the three service levels we offer for your journey from LAX to Disneyland:

LAX to Disneyland – Economy Minivan

Are you traveling with family or a small group? Our Economy Minivan service is the perfect choice. We provide a family-friendly experience via a 7-passenger Toyota Sienna. This comfortable and spacious vehicle ensures a cozy ride for you and your loved ones.

Passengers: 6

Luggage: 6

LAX to Disneyland California or LAX to Anaheim airport transfer via Family-friendly Economy Minivan, LAX airport transfer

LAX to Disneyland – Black SUV

For those seeking a touch of luxury, our Black SUV service is the ideal option. Travel in style and comfort with a 6-passenger GMC Denali or Suburban. The sleek, black SUVs not only offer a comfortable journey but also an aura of sophistication.

Passengers: 6

Luggage: 6

LAX to Disneyland California or LAX to Anaheim via Black SUV - GMC Yukon Denali

LAX to Disneyland – Sprinter Minibus

If you’re part of a larger group or traveling with friends, our Sprinter Minibus service is designed for you. Experience the utmost luxury with our 14-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It’s a perfect choice for groups looking to enjoy a shared journey to Disneyland.

Passengers: 14

Luggage: 16

LAX to Disneyland California or LAX to Anaheim via luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - LAX airport transfer

LAX to Disneyland – Economy Sedan

If you prefer a comfortable and cost-effective option, our Economy Sedan service is designed for you. Enjoy a cozy ride in a 3-passenger Kia K5, Toyota Camry or a similar sedan. This option is perfect for solo travelers or small groups prioritizing comfort.

Passengers: 3

Luggage: 3

Economy Sedan

The Benefits of Booking with Ascend in Motion

When you choose Ascend in Motion for your LAX to Disneyland or LAX to Anaheim transportation, you’re making a smart choice. Here’s why:

– Comfort and Convenience at the LAX Curb-side:

All LAX transfers, including the Disneyland California Airport Transfer, to any Southern California destination are smoothly executed with Ascend in Motion’s LAX curbside pickup service. We pride ourselves on ensuring your journey starts with convenience and ease. Our professional drivers will greet you right at the curbside, eliminating the hassle of airport transportation. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride to your chosen destination, be it Disneyland, Anaheim, Universal Studios, or any other Southern California locale. Rely on Ascend in Motion for a stress-free airport transfer from LAX to your adventure.

– CPUC Transport Charter-Party Carrier Permit:

Ascend in Motion is a recognized and permitted transportation service, holding a CPUC Transport Charter-Party Carrier permit. This means you’re dealing with a legitimate and authorized provider, ensuring your safety and reliability.

– Commercial Insurance:

Our commitment to safety extends to having commercial insurance. Travel with peace of mind, knowing that you and your belongings are protected.

– Authorized by Los Angeles World Airports:

Ascend in Motion is authorized by LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) for passenger transportation at LAX. We meet all the necessary criteria, ensuring that your transportation is both convenient and hassle-free.

In summary, Ascend in Motion is your trusted partner for a smooth and enjoyable journey from LAX to Disneyland California or LAX to Anaheim. With a variety of service levels to choose from, authorized permits, and commercial insurance, we stand out as the superior choice for your transportation needs.

Book your reservation today and trust in our professional chauffeurs, well-maintained comfortable and luxury fleet, and unbeatable prices for an exceptional travel experience. Don’t compromise on comfort and reliability. Book your LAX airport transfer with Ascend in Motion today and start your Disneyland adventure with the best transportation option available. Make your trip to Disneyland California a truly magical experience from the moment you step off your flight.